Maksim Balashevich




I'm working currently on the following Ethereum Blockchain projects: The founder and CEO at; Co-founder at


What path has brought me here?

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I have been involved in creating IT products for the past 20 years.

After working on several smaller projects in Belarus, I seized an opportunity and moved to Germany. Not knowing the German language, I was hired to develop the new internal product for IBM. 

Fast forward 6 years, I became the IT team leader with our project successfully deployed in many European countries.

Then, I thought; Why not try something new and more challenging?
That's how my first entrepreneurial experience began.
I founded and ran a hosting service company in my home country, Belarus, with some friends. 

Four years later, we were considered to be the top in the business.

I was 31 years old at that time, when new impulses started growing inside me. I chose to follow them and for the next 6 years I was fully focused on learning the spiritual side of life: meditation, yoga, and life in the yoga community, finally. My friends say that I changed quite a bit during this period.

Yet, what didn't change was my passion for IT. Moreover, I felt strongly connected to the financial sector. Not very typical for a yogi, you would say, but I’ve gotten used to following the inner voice around this time.



So 5 years ago, fate brought me back to the financial IT.

I had some luck to be able to join an innovative fintech team, based in Frankfurt. We were developing the social trading platform. Once again, I was responsible for the product development, but this time my main responsibility was to introduce the quality aspect to the system; constant trading operations supervision, early alert system, rescue tools… you name it.

At the end of 2015, I came across the Ethereum platform. Inspired by its beauty, I stuck to this implementation of the blockchain technology.

I’ve started working on my own projects since January, 2016, to finally combine everything together. I see it as my mission now and truly believe it is possible to build better financial services.

Based on Ethereum blockchain, it is possible to design a decentralized creative financial environment, transparent and fair. It will be a place where financial incentives and personal abilities play the leading role, while the needs for the sustainable development are highlighted.