Maksim Balashevich




I have more than 10 years of experience in the modern financial industry.

From the very beginning, I was lucky to be exposed to the "working" theories (by "working," I mean the theories which can constantly show good results in practice.) Right before, during, and after the last financial crisis, I applied these theories to find out the accuracy and effectiveness of them in extreme market conditions. The Elliott Wave Principle, sentiment analysis, mass psychology would be some of them. I also believe in Kondratiev (Kondratieff) cycles, which are intended for a long-term and not so easy to prove in practice.

Eventually, I started to combine these theories with my growing understanding of yoga and meditation science. Both financial theories and meditation science are rooted in a law of nature, "everything is changing." 

At the moment, I am deeply involved in crypto markets. Though mostly known for Bitcoin, this specific field includes much more and beyond. I write regular posts on this matter on the following blog:
I share my insights on how to use some of the theories I have learned, all free of charge.

Below are some examples, all firmly based on the Elliott Wave Principle and sentiment analysis.



Beginning of September, we just witnessed the spectacular rise of XMR (Monero). There was a short drop and price started to rise again. New ATH (all time high) again? That was the crowd sentiment, but the charts were telling the different story. So I predicted a bit more rise and then bigger drop. During the next week XMR price followed exactly this scenario.



In this article we talk a bit about sentiment madness in ETC, predicting its imminent fall (right before it started). I also predicted one last sharp decline in ETHBTC down to 0.014.



At the beginning of July, Bitcoin was at around 700 USD. The majority was expecting the ATH (All Time High), but not me. I kept repeating "we should go lower". One month later, "Down goes Frazier!" and BTC was below 500 USD.



On the last week of May 2016, everyone was very pessimistic about Bitcoin. Again, not me. I predicted one more drop and then a rise, which brought us from $440 to $780.